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  • Bryan Petersen

    September 14, 2023 at 12:03 pm

    Dry 46-0-0, low biuret- add it it with water slowly and mix – preferably with R/O. No rate per se – but if your water gets cold you prolly need to add more. 10-1 S, I like ATS as well but you can for sure use other sulfur components. They’ll tell you to use moly as well – but moly won’t do anything to it – it’ll only help protect you with nitrate conversion or excess nitrate in the plant. Nickel is the moly for urea – good Luck sourcing it!

    Start with lower rates at first like 5-10 actual lbs of N because you can burn stuff pretty easily. Don’t use humic at less than 6ph. Fulvic is better foliar – you’re shooting for 5-5.5. Also be careful with other hot products like boron.

    You’ll need carbon to mitigate burn and to help the N release slower. Carbon and brown. Fulvic, fish, kelp, molasses, etc.