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  • Jonathan Taylor

    September 29, 2023 at 12:42 am

    Hi LyOr, I am a market gardner and tomatoes are only a small part of what I grow. So I am no specialist. I live in northern Germany which is obviously a very different climate to where you are (I was in Isreal last summer). My tomato production has improved enormously since I’ve been growing a diverse cover crop over winter when we have frost (October-April), if the area is not being used for other crops. My main problem is still the splitting on hierloom beefsteak tomatoes, A sap anylsis is definitely worth it. I was very please to see that the overall nitrogen was sufficient, but the nitrate practically zero. I don’t really have any pest or diseases until late blight comes sometime in october when everything is anyway more or less over because of the weather. Perhaps someone else has more experience?