News Feed Forums Broad Acre Crops Is fungi from compost extract consuming the seed? Reply To: Is fungi from compost extract consuming the seed?

  • Jonathan Taylor

    October 7, 2023 at 3:15 pm

    I have also had this experience, but more often with root drench for transplants. Some plants grow really well and others never quite seem to make a connection with soil and the roots don’t develope well. On the other hand I have had really good experience with seeds (maize and squashes) soak in compost extract + humic + seaweed + manganese + zinc. And with onions sets and potatoes. Last year I had very good yields from Potatoes treated with compost extract and milk despite very dry weather, but a few of the treated potatoes (5-10%) didn’t emerge at all! The compost is my own Johnson-Su type compost.

    I would also like to hear other peoples experiences. I have the feeling that it can go both ways, but don’t know why?