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  • Andre Antunes

    November 4, 2023 at 4:56 am

    I would continue applying sulphur at small quantities each time – not more than 30kg /ha if possible together with generous organic matter (ideally not manure based) which you also need. For a clay soil 3,6% OM is not a lot to estabilize the argilo-humic complex. Your TEC is low for the type of soil and organic matter content. That might mean you need to increase microbial/active carbon. That meansmore living roots, maybe inoculants of rizobacteria and micorizal and food for them (fish hidrolisate, unsulphures sugar cane molasses…). Johnson-Su compost would also be great. Avoid any EDTA products. Apply Boron in the form of Ulexite if you can. Don’t forget that tomatoes (as with other solenacea) will perform best at lower pHs than the ideal for other crops. Coat the seeds (especially the legume cover crops) and seedlings with the micronutrients you need

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