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  • Adrian Rubi

    December 26, 2023 at 11:27 am

    It should be effective to test annual greens under the olive trees to better identify soil deficiencies. We’ve observed consistent results in different years with various crops when implementing in-crop rotations on the same fields. However, variations in micro-nutrients, such as aluminum, iron, and zinc, may occur.

    Upon reviewing your results, addressing high chlorine levels is crucial. Consider using fulvic or humic acid in the irrigation water or installing an osmosis unit to mitigate these levels. Additionally, the low silicon content indicates suboptimal soil health. To improve soil life, consider incorporating vermicast extract or compost tea into your irrigation routine to extract the silicon already present in the soil.

    Furthermore, supplementing with boron is recommended. Apply 1kg/ha, split into two applications in spring and summer. If you write me to I can send you NCC reports from allmonds and grapes to get a comparsion.