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  • Harriet Mella

    November 10, 2020 at 10:37 am

    This is a perfect example of a post in a “protected environment” – I would not have posted this in any other platform – the danger of being quoted out of context is too high. Still do not over-understand: this recipe is not meant to cure auto-immune-disease in general, but those conditions that arise or worsen with disturbed gut metabolism – and of course as prevention not to end up with any of those conditions. I think that the current rise of fungal infections – local or systemic – is related to the lack of endophyte consumption. B. subtilis with its production of subtilisin is currently thrown on the market as probiotic culture against fungal infections. I have seen many times that laboratory cultures are easily lost from the system again – which can be desirable or not, this is why I offer the herb infusion recipe. Here we work with a “black box” consortium that is much more diverse and stable. If you are in such a bad condition with a really run down immune system that you would not eat a spontaneously fermented sauerkraut, better opt for the laboratory strains.

    (A bit off-topic, but maybe helpful: for serious conditions the Gerson-Therapie offers a proven system that offers a good chance of health restoration if applied in its entirety. Isolated parts of it are outright dangerous. If you have redox-chemistry in the back of your head, the program that seems random out of conventional perspective makes perfect sense. It has been developed for cancer therapy but has proven to work well on many other chronic conditions. It is hard on habit and desire, but it is another path to pursue, if the conventional therapy has failed (or is not applicable in the first place).)

    And last but not least an addition to the last post: if you are on a therapy – this is not the invitation to dump it! If you work with the herbal infusion use common sense for monitoring and best the assistance of a health practitioner!

    Stay healthy or become healthy! Best H