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  • Adam Rabjohns

    November 13, 2020 at 12:05 am

    Before this sap analysis, the pasture has not seen nutrients for about 15yrs.
    The Mn levels are just natural in our area, but i wouldn’t mind if you took some either ????
    Water has only been analysed with a DIY hardness test strip, but was not a problem. Maybe I should get a lab to test it?
    I have been using some pre mixed multi nutrients trying to get as close as possible to quantities on the AEA labels (as i am in Australia and AEA products are not available). Maybe i need to go back to each nutrient making sure I’m not adding nutrients that are already in excess via the multi-combination fertilisers.
    I was having to use 19kg+ of nitrogen in my tests to see a spike in brix over the control, but i feel this is because i have missed something. Possibly from not knowing the optimum levels for the less mobile nutrients.