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  • Philip Reck

    November 14, 2020 at 4:36 pm

    I actually rarely see low in the leaf ever so I need to isolate this , is it from soil or applied k

    I’ve used foliar k in the past but I need Mg and the two aren’t compatible in a foliar. Well you can mix but use quickly

    I don’t see deficiency in calcium either as I rotate Finely Ground calcium lime Across farm That is visually highly available . But available calcium is important and will try some granular calcium sulphate

    I will try some Kieserite Too as I’ve had good responses but it is expensive

    I’m considering Sulphate of potash at lower rate on Oilseed rape and Some cereals

    I really need to see where k is more in ideal range is Mg available

    If it Is then few crops won’t be long dragging down k to a more desirable level if I don’t spread any

    If Mg is still not available when k is ideal then I need to apply it

    Pretty simple, I need to be applying Epsom salts with everything in reality