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  • Ido Aviani

    November 25, 2020 at 11:37 pm


    Hi Jerel,

    Thanks for sharing in such detail.

    It seems there are excesses. Nitrogen and potassium levels in older leaves are much higher.

    I would suggest reducing fertigation levels and follow up with another sap analysis to see the influence of the reduction.

    Is this variety sensitive to salinity?

    Cl levels are extremely low on the new growth and very high in old leaves.

    I assume irrigation is plentiful. What’s the water quality?

    Another realization I had is that we need to look at the concentrations of the micronutrients in the different foliar products. There are big differences. I consistently use a micro foliar with relatively high micro concentrations. for example 7.5% Fe and 3.3% Mn. It almost always works.