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  • Nerine Koch

    December 1, 2020 at 3:15 pm

    Dear @jjkratt and @john.kempf

    Thank you very much – I looked at the video on Youtube on (Cultural Management Practices for Growing larger firmer blueberries). Is this the video you are referring to?

    Do you use urea in pots too – I learned to never use urea in pots because bacteria are absent to fixate the process – I would like to be convinced otherwise, given the fact that we first should use amino acids, then urea in our program as a N source.

    In South Africa, producers also use a lot of bicarbonate to buffer the low pHs in hydroponic systems and this creates endless problems. How can I motivate it to stop using it? The absorbency of elements that are affected is accepted by few producers. Really sorry for all the questions, but I know no other specialist with so many years of experience. I would also like to set up a new program and send it to you to pull apart. I realize the problems (thrips, quality and storability) we are experiencing in the berry industry are due to wrong N sources and also the misuse of too much potassium.