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  • Jaylin Nickel

    December 7, 2020 at 8:28 pm

    Are you aquainted with how Brendon Rockey raises potatoes? It’s large scale and not no-till, but it is definitely biological, and seems to be working well. On his website, there is a explanation of his practices, including why he doesn’t do no-till… He doesn’t find no-till workable on his scale of production. I don’t know what kind of fungi to bacteria balance he has, but he doesn’t need nitrogen fertilizer or any chemical ‘cides. I just watched his virtual farm tour a few days ago on Acres USA Eco Ag Conference and found it interesting, so I thought I’d help promote his ideas… One thing I remember from the virtual farm tour is that every practice he uses has a known purpose and is beneficial financially, and not just based on ideals. Here is his website: