News Feed Forums Soil Health Does AMS and ATS need stabilization? Reply To: Does AMS and ATS need stabilization?

  • Brian Dougherty

    December 9, 2020 at 11:34 pm

    I’ve only read about one research trial on this but it showed that AMS had a significantly lower risk of volatilization than urea IF the surface soil contained less than 2% calcium carbonate (~limestone). At higher levels there is greater risk that the calcium carbonate will react with AMS to form calcium sulfate and ammonium carbonate. The ammonium carbonate then degrades to ammonia gas and carbon dioxide and is lost. So….if you don’t have calcareous soils and you need the sulfur them AMS might be a better bet. If you have calcareous soils and/or don’t need the sulfur then you might be better off with polymer coated urea if it’s cheaper, though AMS is considered to be more ‘friendly’ to soil biology because of the lower N concentration. In other words I don’t know:-) I like the idea of spraying it with molasses, it would be interesting to see some research on that.