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  • John Kempf

    January 30, 2021 at 7:22 am

    Hi @SqueezeCitrus ! Seems like an exciting project!

    1. If anyone knows the answer and has access to the correct mycorrhiza it would be Robert Linderman from Plant Health LLC.

    2. Is there any way you can cover this strip post planting with mulch, perhaps blown cover crop residue? Check out Mike Omegs YouTube channel with their mow and blow mower. Keeping the soil cool is a really big deal for microbial activity and nutrient availability. Much more valuable and important than a compost application.

    3. I would be in favor of removing any compaction layers with ripping use a straight shank so no subsoil is brought upward, see Yeoman plow style design.

    4. Maybe beneficial, but composting is not strictly necessary, see #2. Can use microbial inoculation very effectively.

    Best of success!