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  • Roger Snodgrass

    February 17, 2021 at 12:16 am

    Our regen efforts are only at small scale trial stage, so although we have a 120′ boom sprayer currently, the potential toxic residue contamination isn’t worth the risk (as it’s current task is to kill and/or sterilize). Hence we’re pondering purchasing a neighbour’s old and dust collecting boomspray (for real cheap…), stripping tank/hoses/nozzles/pump and replacing with new. Adding to complexity, we’d like the option to spray AEA-like products and/or trace elements (higher pressures and finer droplet size), along with compost tea applications or home-made biologicals (lower pressure and bigger droplets, to protect the microbes). Hence thinking will probably need to have a split hose delivery system to separate nozzle types.

    All that said, trial is only 5Ha currently and it’s probably a lot of effort… but I’m optimistic that successful results will lead to fairly rapid scaling up. Perhaps a smaller ready made system would be a better short term option