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  • Jerel Kratt

    February 19, 2021 at 5:57 pm

    Hi Adam. Yeah, I think first I need to figure out if the values from Apical truly are high or not. But I think in general if you have high Na in the sap, you can offset the balance of it with foliar Ca, Mg or K (just changing the cationic balance in the sap). High B is known to be offset with high Ca in the soil, but in the leaf also maybe another similar anion like Mo, Cu, or Si. High Cl in the sap can be offset with foliar P or S to shift the anionic balance, but also with good quality water and Ca in the soil. So it seems like there is ion antagonism both in the rhizosphere for competition for uptake, and also ionic balance in the sap. I’m still learning but this is my understanding.