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  • Colin Hendee

    February 24, 2021 at 7:03 am

    I had what is perhaps the mistaken understanding that cucurbits struggle a little bit harder than other plants to climb the plant health ladder (phosphorus uptake?). I am fairly determined to get to the bottom of this problem that affects us pretty bad here in the south- I have the AEA materials for the complete mixed veg program, so I will apply that to the best of my ability, and hopefully that will do the job. It’s difficult to make a sap testing program economically viable on a mixed veg operation- but I have been planning to run sap tests on one or two crops a year as an annual focus crop. If I see SVB pressure in my crops, I believe I will choose that as my crop focus and learn what I can learn about defeating the SVB with plant nutrition. I realize I can plant resistant varieities such as Moscato- but it’s not as saleable, and besides- where’s the fun in that?