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  • Colin Hendee

    April 2, 2021 at 7:36 pm

    Thank you for taking the time to write all that out in such great detail, Nina! I love hearing about your success with sap analysis and in your fields- that’s fantastic.

    I am running sap analysis on a handful of crops this year, and will be doing more crops in the seasons to come- specifically tomatoes, peppers, and potentially summer squash. Interestingly, squash is not a particularly high value crop for me. I am however determined to get a handle on the squash vine borer, as it is a tremendous pest in my region. Next on my list will be lettuce and greens crops, as those are value leaders for me.

    I am set up to do foliar and fertigation, whichever is the best practice to suit the present need.

    I fully understand the value of sap analysis- I would love nothing more than to fine tune the nutritional program for every single crop I grow. I am not interested in reducing the number of crops I grow however- I absolutely love growing a wide diversity of vegetables and having the ability to supply my customers with a good range of options. In the meantime, I work to support the best biological profile I am able to across the board, and I need some kind of nutritional board to throw my dart at with the crops that I am unable to conduct a sap analysis program with.

    I really appreciate your response- I am deeply interested in these agronomic understandings, and committed to learning as much as I humanly can.