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Nina Meiers
Nina Meiers

Turning the tables

Normally posts by John Kempf relate to his amazing discussions he has over at his Advancing EcoAg podcast. And, I’ll admit, I’m totally biased. This is the truth because for me, as a new farmer with a background in tech, I’ve always prided myself on being able to find answers to questions.

Now, 4 years into my farming journey, and having become a certified organic berry farmer, I’m convinced that John’s podcasts he’s had with farmers, entrepreneurs, educators, scientists, as well as people who have an incredibly different view on the growing of food and plant nutrition, has helped me immensely in my very short, sharp and sometimes painful journey.

This podcast is fantastic because the tables are turned, where we have a terrific discussion by Nakala Maddock from the Biological Farming Round Table. Nakala has been involved in the family business specialising in helping farms bring the the biological balance of their land throug the use of natural, vermiculture based methods. So there is some like mindeness in the conversation and Nakala’s clear verview of discussion points brings a great summary to John’s thoughts throughout the conversation.

I hope you find this interview as enjoyable as I have, pick up some more nuggets about the inner mind of John Kempf, and put this podcast on your list to listen to more than once, because I’ve found that I can listen to John talk on many topics which are for farming that’s not related to what I am growing.

You can listen to the podcast right here, or head over to nutrisoil to listen to the other podcasts Nakala has presented.


Nina Meiers for KindHarvest